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Propel's technology simplifies the food stamp application process by streamlining the initial enrollment form, eliminating the hassle of submitting paper documents, and providing a phone-friendly interface. 15 million Americans qualify for food stamps but aren't enrolled, and the complexity of the enrollment process is a major barrier to accessing this critical lifeline. Propel makes the food stamp program more friendly. 

Building Technology To Make Food Stamps More Accessible From Your Smartphone

When Jimmy Chen arrived at the food stamps office in Brooklyn, New York one afternoon last summer, the attendant at the front desk laughed in his face. He’d shown up two hours before the office closed –plenty of time, he’d reasoned, to sign up for the service. But the average wait time, he quickly learned, was more like six hours.

Chen scanned the waiting room filled with people–many of them mothers and fathers missing work, some with young kids in tow. “It seemed like an experience that was out of this century–like something totally antiquated,” says Chen. Except for one detail: “A lot of the folks waiting in line were passing the time on their smart phones.”

That gave Chen an idea. At that very moment, Silicon Valley was bustling with software developers obsessing over how to make countless daily tasks simpler – ordering takeout, hailing a taxi, finding a date. Chen knew this tech world all too well, having studied software engineering at Stanford and worked at some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley including LinkedIn and Facebook. “Coming of age in Silicon Valley, I saw the power of startups to effect real change in the world,” says Chen. “The reason people don’t start more companies that focus on the challenges of low-income Americans is because they don’t deeply understand those problems.”

But in 2014, Chen packed two suitcases and moved across the country to New York, hoping to put his tech skills to use toward greater social good. “I realized software is a really powerful tool that has the ability to change not just how we order lunch, but how we survive,” he says.

That same year, Chen founded Propel , a company focused on using technology to make government more user-friendly. Chen’s visits to the food stamps office, along with the countless conversations he had with people across New York’s five boroughs – asking about their families, communities, and challenges–is what lead him to found Propel. Its first product, easyfoodstamps.com , is a mobile-friendly site that streamlines the process of applying for food stamps. Propel is also building a mobile app that improves the daily experience of receiving and spending food stamp benefits, helping families stretch their budgets.

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Neuilly-sur-Seine, January 27, 2017, 8:30 a.m. - Linedata (LIN:FP), the global solutions provider to the investment management and credit industries, today signed an agreement to acquire Gravitas Technology Services (Gravitas), a leading provider of middle office and technology services to the asset management industry. Gravitas is based mainly in New York (USA) and Mumbai (India).

Favourable market conditions

Linedata - an acknowledged leader in providing technology solutions for asset managers - continues to broaden its range of products and services through targeted, strategic acquisitions to span the entire value chain of institutional and alternative managers, and fund administrators.

Increasingly asset management companies, particularly alternative managers, are seeking to outsource their middle- and back-office operations to partners who are able to leverage comprehensive and scalable technology solutions. Gravitas has demonstrated this core expertise over 20 years and has unique experience in providing these functions to their clients.

Gravitas: outstanding services and technologies

Gravitas provides its innovative services using a technology platform that integrates proprietary and third-party tools. Through outsourcing, its customers access top-tier services based on a variable, shared cost model.

With over 80 staff in the United States and 180 in India, Gravitas is one of the leading players in the market. The company supports over 80 asset managers of all sizes in North America.

In 2016, the company achieved revenues* of $26.5M.

Strategic, short-term synergies

By combining its software platforms with Gravitas' outsourced services, Linedata will offer high-value services tailored to its customers' requirements and business models. Gravitas will leverage Linedata's global presence to distribute its services worldwide.

Linedata founder and CEO Anvaraly Jiva stated that "We are delighted to welcome Gravitas' clients and employees into Linedata. Gravitas' award-winning outsourcing services, combined with our technology platform, will enable us to accelerate our ambitious and innovative Linedata 2018 growth stratgey."

Gravitas founder and CEO Jayesh Punater added, "Linedata's technologies and global reach will bring us genuine and unique abilities to extend and improve our range of services."

* Audit of 2016 Financial Statements in progress

Next communication: Publication of 2016 revenues on 1 st February 2017 after close of trading.

The complexities and ambiguities of productivity measurement should not discourage managers from using a system. Profit measures, after all, are also far from perfect, but we are accustomed to their shortcomings and have learned how to glean a wealth of insight from them. Managers should proceed with productivity measures, but with care. The seriousness of a system’s shortcomings depends on how it is used; if bonuses or promotions are based on certain measures, they had better be accurate. But this degree of accuracy is unnecessary for most applications.

Perhaps the most important use of productivity measurement is as an objective source of information about long-term operating trends. An index can draw attention to plants or departments experiencing unusual problems or uncommonly strong performance. Productivity comparisons can also inspire useful exchanges of ideas. Differences in the amount of vertical integration or subcontracting, accounting policies, and many other factors often obscure the relative productivity of companies. Nonetheless, if a business finds itself a lot less productive than a competitor, it probably has a real problem. Managers may insist that the productivity gap is overstated, and they may be right. They will be hard-pressed, however, to argue that it does not exist.

A version of this article appeared in the January 1988 issue of .

W. Bruce Chew is a senior consultant at Monitor Company, a global consulting firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is a former associate professor of technology and operations management at the Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts.

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You can also easily measure employee productivity using time tracking software. We use Yaware.TimeTracker, it shows if the employee spend time productively, and as a result allows to eliminate time-eaters. http://timetracker.yaware.com/measuring-employee-productivity-at-ease

calls f with arguments a1, a2, … an . Except for one special case, arguments must be single-valued expressions assignable to the parameter types of F and are evaluated before the function is called. The type of the expression is the result type of F . A method invocation is similar but the method itself is specified as a selector upon a value of the receiver type for the method.

In a function call, the function value and arguments are evaluated in the usual order . After they are evaluated, the parameters of the call are passed by value to the function and the called function begins execution. The return parameters of the function are passed by value back to the calling function when the function returns.

Calling a nil function value causes a run-time panic .

As a special case, if the return values of a function or method g are equal in number and individually assignable to the parameters of another function or method f , then the call f(g( parameters_of_g )) will invoke f after binding the return values of g to the parameters of f in order. The call of f must contain no parameters other than the call of g , and g must have at least one return value. If f has a final ... parameter, it is assigned the return values of g that remain after assignment of regular parameters.

A method call x.m() is valid if the method set of (the type of) x contains m and the argument list can be assigned to the parameter list of m . If x is addressable and x 's method set contains m , x.m() is shorthand for (x).m() :

There is no distinct method type and there are no method literals.

If f is variadic with a final parameter p of type ...T , then within f the type of p is equivalent to type []T . If f is invoked with no actual arguments for p , the value passed to p is nil . Otherwise, the value passed is a new slice of type []T with a new underlying array whose successive elements are the actual arguments, which all must be assignable to T . The length and capacity of the slice is therefore the number of arguments bound to p and may differ for each call site.

Given the function and calls

within Greeting , who will have the value nil in the first call, and []string{"Joe", "Anna", "Eileen"} in the second.




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